This blog will be a reflection and opinion about all of the concerts I go to. Concert going is my favorite thing to do for fun and this outlet is a chance to track them and help others consider what concerts they will attend. I will be attending concerts/festivals mainly in the DC area as that’s where I am from and where I reside. I will consider concerts/festivals in New York/Jersey, Philly and other places depending on cost and availability. The post will mainly focus on the feel of the concert, artist connection, crowd and the venue. There will be limited audio visual other than a few pics because I am trying to enjoy the concert not stare at my phone. Post may or may not include a set list. Most of the concerts will be Rap/Hip-Hop and there may be some comedy shows or fashion shows included as well. All blogs will be put up within a week of the show unless some unforeseen circumstance happens. Post will include show announcements and pre-thoughts, show reviews, venue ratings and whatever else I come up with later that feels relevant. If you find out about a show prior to me posting or want to publicize a show, please shoot me an email and I will add it to the calendar and create a post. All post are my feelings and opinions and are not matter of fact yet so feel free to discuss or question.

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