Show Review: Juicy J and A$AP Ferg’s Stay Trippy Tour

Some concerts are good because of the music, others the atmosphere and others because of some random WOW moment(s) that happens when you see something you’ve never seen before. The sold out Stay Trippy Tour featuring Juicy J and A$AP Ferg had all those things and made for one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

Approaching Howard Theatre you could see the line wrapped around the corner. There had already been two events earlier in the day so the venue’s employees had to clean up and set things up for the last event and it took longer than anticipated.

After a short time filled by the house DJ the curtain rose and revealed Ferg’s DJ and hype man. Both were wearing these glow in the dark bandanas that covered their mouths and had their arms crossed in an X as they looked up. An intro played with little kids talking about the “Trap Lord”. A$AP Ferg walks out with a similar bandana on along with a bright yellow Nautica raincoat and some black leather shorts. The intro ends and he goes right into I Fucked Your Bitch. Less than a minute into the song, his hype man who is sporting braids with berets and long johns under leather shorts, leaps into the crowd. Toward the end of the song Ferg himself jumps high in the air and leaps into the crowd. Both were caught but I don’t think the people had the option of moving, the place was packed and they just happened to be in the landing area. Then he got back on stage and did Persian Wine. He was walking back and forth and trading off lines with his hype man.

After Persian Wine, Ferg starts asking where the trill niggas and bitches and for them to make noise. Then says he wants some trill bitches to come on stage and they got like 8 half naked girls to come on stage. He tells the girls they gotta twerk and drops the beat for Banging On Wax. The girls start dancing all crazy and Ferg goes into the refrain of “All of these bitches is on me!” Then he says he wants to see them really shake it and drops Uncle Luke’s Pop That Pussy. The girls begin to twerk even harder, dancing and groping on each other as Ferg disrespectfully throws and pours water on them. They didn’t seem to care, just kept on dancing. The crowd was enjoying every minute with a combination of happy to see ass and laughing at some of the bodies on stage and what they called dancing.

Ferg kicks the girls off the stage and ask who fucks with his brother A$AP Rocky. The crowd cheers and he says I’m about to hit some of his shit and performs Goldie. He followed that up with his verses on Kissing Pink and Gotham City.

Now throughout his set Ferg and his hype man were randomly stage diving and just crushing people. He even commented on how he thinks someone broke their leg or neck when he landed on them. Now Ferg asked the crowd to spread a part of make space in middle and they did it out of complete fear. He said he wanted a mosh pit to form and people to go crazy on this song. Then he did his verse on Ghetto Symphony off of A$AP Rocky’s Long Live A$AP album. The crowd goes crazy and he of course jumps in.

Ferg then gets back on stage and I completely missed it but someone threw at cd at him. THIS WAS A MISTAKE! Ferg gets pissed and starts asking who threw the cd and some guy must have responded that it was him. So Ferg starts repeating “it was you” a few times and hops down into the crowd to get the guy. He walks up on him and starts swinging. Dude tries to run or fight back, I couldn’t tell but he eventually drops and Ferg and his hype man walk back to the stage letting the guy know he’s lucky he didn’t get stomped. He then proclaims “NEVER THROW CDS AT THE TRAP LORD!” The beat to Work drops and they both stage dive and crowd surf for most of the song then walked off the stage as the crowd chanted A$AP.

It was one of the craziest and most exciting things I’ve ever seen. The crowd was buzzing and couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. If you walked in not knowing who A$AP Ferg was, you wanted to find out all about him when you left. He put max effort into every part of the show and it was very entertaining. Only bad thing was he holds the mic really close to his mouth and had a ski mask on so some words were muffled and hard to understand.

The crowd was still at full tilt and the venue smelled like Cheech and Chongs van as the curtain rose to reveal Juicy J’s DJ. Some announcer guy got the crowd to cheer and brought out Juicy J.

Juicy J comes running out and goes right into Show Out. He has already got the crowd behind him, everyone was dancing. He followed that up with Know Better and the hook to Ain’t No Coming Down.

Then he does his verse from from B.O.B’s Still In This Bitch. Towards the end some guys start fighting and Juicy J gets the crowd to repeat “Stop Fighting!” He yells “smoke weed, get money and get pussy” a few times and gets the crowd to repeat him. Follows that up with Riley and A Zip and A Double Cup.

He ask are there any Taylor Gang fans and Wiz Khalifa fans in the building and the crowd cheers as hits The Code. Then he did Stoner’s Night followed by Geeked Up Off Them Bars.

Then Juicy J started talking about how he got started and asking who know what group he used to be in and is it cool if he brought out an old friend. The crowd then cheered and went insane as Project Pat came out and performed Chicken Head with whole crowd rapping along. Then Juicy J ran through the hooks for Stay Fly, Popping My Collar, Tear Da Club Up and Sizzurp.

After the 3-6 part of the show he hit Errday followed by Drugged Out and Lucky Ass Bitch. At the end of Lucky Ass Bitch some girls started fighting and Juicy J started the no fighting chant again.

Then he did Bandz A Make Her Dance and the whole crowd rapped along and danced to it. After Bandz he said wanted 5 girls to get on stage and started picking girls from the crowd. Next he picked one guy from the crowd, a nerdy looking white dude, and told the girls to dance with the as he did Dancing Like She Fucking. The girls started taking turns dancing on the guy and each other. After the song they got to go backstage.

Juicy J started rapping lyrics a capella then the beat dropped for Get Higher. After Get Higher he started talking about Lil Wayne and he produced some songs on his album and said his favorite was Trippy Kit. The he asked the crowd what was in their trippy kit and performed his verse from the song.

Next, Juicy J started asking if there were any rappers in the crowd and if they wanted to come on stage and perform. This is DC so a bunch of hands went up and dudes started trying to get close to the stage to get called on and Juicy J picked some random out the crowd. Now he gets on stage and Juicy J ask him where he’s from and he say VA and the crowd boos. Then the Dj drops a beat, the guy starts trying to freestyle and the crowd boos again. It was sad but funny because he did it to himself. Up and coming rappers if you ever get this opportunity, take my advice, use your writtens. Nobody has heard you so the crowd won’t know. You can even mix freestyling with your writtens but don’t get up there in front of a sold out venue and embarrass yourself.

After that hilarious moment Juicy J starts Djing, mixing and scratching Slob On My Knob. He lets the track spin and runs from behind the Dj booth and starts performing it and the crowd rapped every word too.

Then he talks about how much he loves DC and how he made Bandz in a DC apartment. The beat drops to Juicy J Can’t and he ends the show with Countin Faces. For a minute nobody moved, I guess we all thought he was coming back out but then the curtain came down and lights came on and people started to file out.

The energy and craziness of this show were on another level. Both performers were actually hype and having fun so they never had to say the annoying command to “turn up” which I have grown to hate. Instead they set the example and the crowd followed. The music got you pumped then the performance and showmanship took you to another level. This type of show may not be for everybody but everyone there got more than their monies worth, even the guy was so drunk and/or high he took a nap standing up for over a half hour.  I have to see both of these guys perform again. Juicy J is a legend and shows no signs of slowing down. A$AP Ferg is on the rise and will be releasing his mix tape Trap Lord soon. This was a show I will not soon and if you have a chance to catch it I advise you do but remember, “NEVER THROW CDS AT THE TRAP LORD!”

Here are some great pics courtesy of LaVan Anderson of Everyday Lavan Photography.







A$AP Ferg







Juicy J







Project Pat

photo 1 (7)






For fun, the guy who needed some sleep and a random concert goer. Taken by me.

Were you at the show? What did you think? Do you wish you were there? Let me know in the comments section.


One response to “Show Review: Juicy J and A$AP Ferg’s Stay Trippy Tour

  1. Great review! I’m waiting until this Saturday to see them live.

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