Show Review: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky At The Verizon Center

On Monday I went to the Verizon Center to see the Diamonds World Tour headlined by Rihanna and featuring A$AP Rocky. 3 shows had already been cancelled or rescheduled, including the Baltimore show, but luckily Rihanna was feeling well and the show went on as planned. Rihanna is one of the biggest artist in the world and this was my first arena show for the site so I was excited.

I arrived at the Verizon Center around 8:30pm and A$AP Rocky was already performing. He was doing Hands On The Wheel and followed that up with Fashion Killer. Then he did a speech about be happy to see all the different people and that this is what America was about. Then he thanked DC and said he couldn’t leave without doing this one and the beat for Pesos dropped. Closed with Fuckin Problem. He had a longer set but it unfortunately started around 7:45pm so I missed most it. I’ll catch his full set this summer when he tours with Wiz Khalifa and others on the Under the Influence Tour. From what I saw he was pretty good. The crowd loved Fuckin Problem and sung the hook for him.

After A$AP left the stage the wait for Rihanna began. The wait would last over an hour and would include some females fighting in their seats and being removed by security.

Rihanna opened up with a slow song, Mother Mary, wearing an ankle length robe. The stage was black except a spotlight on her. After the song she went backstage, the curtain opened and these huge screens rose high up over the stage and displayed a colorful church window type image. This reveals two big staircases on either side if the stage along with a ramp in the middle, a band, dancers posing and backup singers.

Rihanna comes walking down the ramp singing Presh Out The Runway and follows that up with Birthday Cake and Talk That Talk. The whole time she is walking around the whole stage dancing seductively with the dancers behind her doing the same. All night she sung the verses but usually the backup singers would do the hooks while she danced.

She then thanked DC and the whole DMV for coming and said happy she was to be here and how we were going to have a good time.

Pour It Up began to play and the crowd got even louder than they had been and sang along. Then she performed Cockiness followed by Numb. Numb ended with a crazy guitar solo as Rihanna snuck off stage.

Rihanna returns wearing a new outfit singing You’re Da One. Then she did  Man Down with the video playing one the huge screens. The screens would change throughout the night with different images, words and videos. Next she performed No Love Allowed followed by Rude Gal and What’s My Name. At the end of What’s My Name she leaves as the band plays out the beat.

Shen returns, with a new outfit, performing Jump. The crowd loved the part when the song transitioned to Ginuwine’s Pony. When it was just the beat she danced a lot and then were some high and loud flame jumps. She then performs Umbrella followed by All of The Lights and Rockstar 101. Rockstar 101 had these bright light flashes that were blinding and annoying me personally but the guitarist and drummer got solos and killed them. After that she asked if there were any lovers in this house and after hearing the cheers she performed What Now. At the end of the song the keyboardist got a long solo as Rihanna left the stage.

She comes back, with a new outfit on, singing Loveeeeeee Song and followed that up with Love The Way You Lie. Next she surprisingly performed Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. She did a good job, wouldn’t have mistook her for Beyonce but it was good. Followed that up with Hate That I Love You. Again, the band played the beat out longer as Rihanna disappeared.

She returns, in a new outfit, singing We Found Love. She hopped off stage and began to slap hands with fans. People were going crazy and pressing to get close to her. She returned to the stage and hit S&M followed by Only Girl In  The World and Don’t Stop The Music. She was all over the place then disappeared and popped back up through a riser at the top of the ramp. Then she performed Where Have You Been while dancing like crazy and had a great light show going on with lasers and stuff. She thanked DC and walked off as the band was still rocking. Everything goes black and quiet like the show is over but nobody moves to leave.

She appears again, in yet another outfit, singing Stay and the crowd cheers. She thanked the crowd again for coming out and closed the show with Diamonds.

Rihanna’s set lasted about an hour and a half and the crowd was standing the entire time. She had good energy and performed well. She did a lot more dancing than I expected, sometimes it was just sexual but other times it was real choreographed dance moves with the backup dancers. The lights, screen and stage set up were on point. Rihanna and the dancers used the entire stage well, including the ramp and stairs, while signing and dancing. The wardrobe changes and song transitions were smooth and quick. There was not much done to hype up or interact with the crowd but she didn’t really need to, the crowd was with her the whole time. She sounded like her cd but like I said she only sang the verses while the backup singers were the ones singing the hooks. It was a good show and I would definitely recommend seeing Rihanna perform.

Unfortunately, the stage lighting made it hard to take cell phone pics and I wasn’t taking pics of the big screens but I found this one on the check them out for more pics.


Were you the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section.

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