Show Review: Fabolous and Pusha T at Howard Theatre

On Saturday I was lucky enough to catch two shows. The first show was at Howard Theatre and featured Fabolous and Pusha T on The Life Is So Exciting Tour presented by MTV. I’m a fan of both and was excited about the collaboration. Both artist have a good fan base and lyrically two of the best. With them both having a good mix of classics and new songs I was expecting a great show.

I got up to Howard Theatre around 8:40pm and to my surprise Pusha T had already started his set. I was pretty upset with myself because I’ve never seen him perform plus I hate to not get my monies worth. He was performing My God and followed that up with Exodus. He then started to do New God Flow but as he started his verse the curtain began to drop and he saluted the crowd and announced an after party. I’ve seen venues get artist to end their sets but never just drop a curtain mid song. Pusha T was upset and took to twitter to express his discontent with the venu .


Before I arrived he performed I Don’t Like, Popular Demand and Cook It Down. Might be others but that’s all my friend could remember. Can’t give a review, have to see Pusha do a full set.

At this point the whole crowd is confused and wondering what’s going on like maybe it was a mistake. After a few minutes the house music came on people just started waiting for Fab to come out. I thought he was coming right out since they cut Pusha short but we waited almost 40 minutes before the curtain went back up and Fab’s dj and band were on stage.

Fab came out to Pain and the crowd cheered so loud that you couldn’t hear the Tupac quote at the beginning. Said what’s up and talked how it has been a while since he been here but how he loves DC and went into For The Love. He followed that up with B.I.T.E which got the crowd hype and they rapped the hook. Then he asked where all his smokers was at and turned his back to the crowd and lit a blunt as the beat for We Get High dropped. Song is so chill, crowd mellowed out and just nodded to it.    Next, he did the first verse to Diamonds and Guess Who’s Bizzack.

Before he did the next song he said he wanted to bring out a guest and Troy Ave came out. They performed Only Life I Know and it rocked. Troy Ave sounded exactly like he does on the track, even did the ending a capella. Then Fab did the hook and his verses from Diced Pineapples and Want You Back. Want You Back performance was great, that Derrick Rose part is crazy.

Up next he performed the song the tour is named after, Life Is So Exciting, and I expected Pusha T to come out and do his verse but he didn’t. I’m not if this is what they usually do or if he was pissed about earlier and left, either way it didn’t make sense and I didn’t like it. Fab rocked this song though and for the last verse where he switches the flow the dj changed to the Big Pimpin beat. His brother and hype man, Paul Cain, who had been in the back of the stage came running out to do the Dame Dash dance.

From there he took it back and ran through Cant Deny It, Holla Back, Superwoman and Can’t Let You Go. Made me wonder where Lil’ Mo is. Then he did one of my favorite songs, Breathe, and the crowd got hype. He followed that up with the first verse of My Time and Imma Do It off of the Loso’s Way album.

Then he did his verse from Ryan Leslie’s Addiction followed by the first verse from Throw It In The Bag and the whole Throw It In The Bag remix. Ran through You Don’t Know Bout it, Black City, Swag Champ and Got That Work. Did his verses from Racked Up Shawty, Oh My, I’m Ill and Start It Up.

Then he did Make Me Better followed by You Be Killin Em and ended the show with Ready.

Fab’s performance was good but nothing special to me. He had a band which was on point, definitely enhanced the songs and experience. I liked that he had his hype man in the back of the stage, even behind the band. I’m sure some people didn’t even notice him. Fab is not a real energetic performer and since a lot of his songs, especially ones from the Soul Tape series, are slower the crowd wasn’t all hype like other shows. He did engage the whole crowd hit songs from every body of work he has put out. I would go see Fab perform again depending on the cost. I saw him perform last year at a club and that was a better experience, seemed to have more energy.

I haven’t seen any good pics of Pusha T but here is a pic of Fab courtesy of LaVan Anderson (@everydaylavan) of Everyday LaVan Photography.

Were you at the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section.

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