Show Review: Big Sean At The Fillmore

This past Saturday I went to see Big Sean at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. Despite being small in stature he did lived up to the name big. Running through a list of hits, new and old, Big Sean was able energize and and excite the crowd.

I’m not sure what time I walked in the show but when I did it was not a large crowd yet and on stage was some rap/singing group with like 4 people. I only heard one song and didn’t catch their name but they were ok. The next act was somebody who I’m familiar with but for reasons other than rapping. Anton Alexander is a well known promoter here in DC and apparently he raps. He put some effort into his stage show and had two hypemen as well as two half naked chicks doing twerk team moves. I couldn’t quite get everything he was saying but it was about money, cars, clothes and hoes. At the end of his set he brought out Phil Ade (@PhilAde_RF). Phil is an up and coming rapper who is on Raheem Devaugh’s 368 label. He has put out two mix tapes and is coming out with a third soon. He treated the crowd to a brief performance which included doing a new song that I can only assume is called Money (check the video below). This was a good set and got the crowd ready.

Big Sean opened up with Mula, banger off his latest mix tape, Detroit. It was a good start and it got the crowd into the show early. From there he went to an old song he has a good verse on, Gang Bang minus Wiz Khalifa verse.

He talked some about how long it’s been since he was in the DMV and how happy he was to be back and wanted to do it big. Beat for Do It drops and the crowd cheers then raps along. He followed that up with Burn using his Dj to help with Meek Mill’s part.

He shouted out the different parts of the DMV and a few places in the area including colleges. Then he did his verse off High followed by RWT. High is more singing so it was one of the few songs people didn’t rap along to but rather just bounced as Sean performed. He continued this trend and performed 24 K and Memories. This was a more chill part of the show but still seemed to connect with the crowd. The crazy light show he had going on was paused as he performed in the spotlight. Then he got back to running around and performed Guap.

After that he mentioned that he was still celebrating his bday and was happy to be where he was and went into two singles off his first cd, Finally Famous. First was My Last with the crowd filling in for Chris Brown, followed by Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay. At this point the crowd got back to the energy from earlier in the show and so did Sean as he threw his shirt off and rapped to every part of the crowd.

He talked about his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, and how excited he was about it. Then he did his new song, Switch Up, minus Common’s verse.

Then he ran through two of his verses off the GOOD Music compilation album, Cruel Summer. I Don’t Like followed up with his verse from Mercy. At the end of Mercy his Dj sped the beat to a ridiculous pace and went right into Dance (Ass). He had been running all over the stage all night but when Nicki Minaj’s verse came on he just jumped into the crowd and began crowd surfing. The people didn’t want to let him go, needed a little help from security.

He then shouted out his GOOD Music family and the beat for Clique dropped and he killed it. He closed the show with his verse from Juicy J’s Show Out, thanked the crowd and left as the song continued to play.

He was easily the hyper artist I have seen since starting the blog (2 Chainz a close second). He didn’t have a video but the lights flashing throughout the show let you know he put some thought into the production. He took no breaks and really rapped every word without a hypeman. His energy really got to the crowd as he ran and jumped all over the stage and put his body into acting his lyrics like he was a fan or something. He was really having fun.

There really wasn’t any part of the show I didn’t enjoy. I would definitely go see Big Sean in concert again. He has hits and puts real effort into his show which forces you to party along.

Where you at the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section.

Big Sean performs Switch Up off his upcoming album, Hall of Fame. More pics and videos on DMVs The Move

Phil Ade performs Money off his upcoming mix tape, Rose.

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