Show Review: Meek Mill Makes Dreams Come True At The Fillmore

This past Saturday I got to see Meek Mill live at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. As expected the show was hype was from beginning to end. I was not only impressed by Meek’s performance but the performances of his up and coming artist.

I got to the show earlier than usual and was able to catch the opening acts. Meek Mill gave his artist a great opportunity allowing them to get this stage experience on the road. Lil Snupe (@lilsnupe) and Lee Mazin (@leemazin) both
impressed with their stage presence and rhymes. They both ended their sets with an a cappella flow that had the crowd applauding. Everyone seemed to be feeling them and it created even more excitement and buzz in the crowd.

Without any DJ hype asking are we ready for Meek Mill, the beat to Maybach Curtains drops. Meek comes out as his verse starts and the crowd roars then raps a long. He then greeted the crowd and went into Intro off of Dreams and Nightmares. The crowd couldn’t wait for the beat to drop and everybody was trying to keep up as he rapped the second half of the song.

He then shouted out his Dream Chasers team talked about being a boss and went into Ima Boss. From there he jumped to Burn with him and his hype man doing parts of Big Sean’s verse. He was all over the stage and engaging with every part of the crowd. Without stopping to say anything he hit Flexin On Em as most people started imitating the lil flexing motion he was doing. He talked about it not just being a concert but a party and asked who was trying to party with him and the crowd cheered as House Party dropped. Next he hit Black Magic aka David Copperfield.

After that he cut the beat and started talking more about Dream Chasers and how he trying to help others and let them shine. He brought Lil Snupe back out to do a freestyle which I am not going to try to quote and mess up but it went hard.

Next, he performed Believe It with the crowd doing the hook and skipped Ross’ verse. Talked about having money and women and how all his women call him racked up shawty. Then he went through his verses on Racked Up Shawty and Actin Up.

Then he slowed it down and they just put the spotlight on him and he performed Traumatized and Used To. These songs while not party songs still captured the crowd and it felt like Meek was really connecting. The singer Jordann (also on Dream Chasers) killed the hook on Used To.

Meek then started talking about coming up in Philly and the work he put in and performed his version of Started From The Bottom. He followed that up with his verses from Bag of Money and Face Down.

Next he took it back to some of the older songs off Self Made Volume 1 and  the first Dreamchasers mix tape and performed Tupac Back and Body Count. Then he performed Young and Gettin’ It.

He thanked everyone for coming out and talked about how blessed he felt and then hit Amen. Everyone thought the show was over but before people left he performed Intro again.

The show was real high energy and hype. Most of Meek’s songs are party songs so people were dancing and/or rapping a long to every song. There was no real production like lighting, band or video playing in the back which I would have liked. He had good command of the stage and this performance was definitely an improvement from when I saw him last year on the MMG Tour. The show was like being in a club and I would definitely go to see him again.

The good people over at DMV’s The Move have some pics and good videos of the show. Below is video of the Started From The Bottom performance, check out the site for more.

Where you the show? What did you think? Let me know in the comments section.

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