Show Review: Aziz Ansari Can Make You Laugh At Anything

Last week I had the opportunity to see Aziz Ansari aka “Indian dude from that show Community” live at DAR Constitution Hall. Although I didn’t always know his name I’ve been a fan for a while and was excited for the show. It was all new material that touched on everything and provided nonstop laughs.

The show’s first laughs came from Aziz going over a few rules; no screaming out during the show, no picture taking or video recording during the show and no asking him to hang out after the show. He went in on today’s obsession of having a picture of everything and I had to laugh at myself as I definitely wanted a picture and was already sneaking to take a few.

As the night went on Aziz would move flawlessly from topic to topic joking about everything from penis pictures, whoo girls, child molestors and the insanity of the marriage. He included the crowd a lot and came up with jokes on the fly to their responses. This was very impressive, like freestyling but with jokes. There were a few people who didn’t listen to the rule about not screaming out during the show and Aziz quickly embarrassed them. Shutdown two or three hecklers with quick witted one liners.

I enjoyed the fact the Aziz wasn’t afraid to take risk or take a stance. He literally had everyone in the audience laughing at a joke about a child molestor then used sarcasm to show how ignorant those against gay marriage really are.

Only part I disliked about the show was Aziz singing, the actual jokes he used singing for were funny but the singing was so bad it didn’t get me to laugh as much.

I would definitely go see Aziz again and recommend you to go if you have the chance. Sorry I didn’t want to give away any jokes but he is recording the show in Philadelphia and the DVD or special should be out soon.

Have you seen Aziz Ansari live? If yes, what were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.

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