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Show Review: Young Jeezy and Backyard Band At Echostage

The second show I went to Saturday night was Young Jeezy and The Backyard Band (BYB) at Echostage. There was no preview for this show because I decided to go last minute. This is my first time being at this venue since it has been remodeled and named Echostage. Most Washingtonians refer to it as “The Tunnel” but it has opened and closed under three or four other names at least. There are two other clubs nearby including “The World Famous Stadium Club”, which is right next door. Knowing this I still took my sweet time getting there so I could drink more at home and it was an expected struggle to find parking.

I walked in a little after 12am and was right on time for them to call BYB to the stage. The place wasn’t that packed or at least it did not look that way because it is so large. While I expected a mixed crowd at the 2 Chainz show, I didn’t think that would be the case at this show. I was wrong. There were some non-blacks and a lot of out towners (the DJ kept asking people from out of town to make noise is how I know).

So BYB starts playing and I am close to the stage, only a few people back. BYB was rocking, hitting all the classics. That’s when I first noticed the divide; people from the DC area were partying and the out of towners were just nodding their heads at the most. Can’t remember everything but they opened up slow with Good Morning and Coming Home To You. Then they turned it up and hit 95 Dope Jam, Keep It Gangsta, One Thing About, Around My Way and a few other songs. It lasted about an hour. As the band left the stage the lead mic, Big G, asked a young lady her name and came to the edge of the stage so she could say it into the mic. I thought he was shouting her out but no, he was calling her out for standing on the front row with the stank face during the entire set. “That shit ain’t cool,” he said to the Baltimore native over the mic and with that left the stage. Everybody laughed.

After that I hit the bar figuring it would be a while before Jeezy came out. The crowd had grown but there was still room to walk around with ease. I even got into VIP since I still had on a wrist band from the 2 Chainz concert and the bouncer couldn’t tell the difference. The views slummed and I didn’t know anyone with a section so I left after a few minutes and went back up front. After the DJ played for what seemed like forever they finally announced Jeezy was about to come out. At this point I am drunk and the following is what I remembered, not an exact sequence of what happened.

A screen just like the one 2 Chainz had begins to display flames and I hear Jeezy go “What the fuck am I doin, wake up in the morning who the fuck am I screwing”. The crowd picks up from there and raps along to Way to Gone off of Thug Motivation:103 Hustlerz Ambition (TM103). Stands around taking in the cheers and looking at the crowd. He stays on TM103 and performs Loose My Mind.

Makes a comment about how turnt up DC is and he loves coming here then the beat for All Gold Everything drops and he hits his verse from the remix. The crowd didn’t know but still yelled “woo” when he mentioned popping a molly. Jumped from there to his verses on the Bandz A Make Her Dance and Dey Know remixes. Crowd was with every word especially “Hop up out that pretty motherfucker like hello, hello, ladies how you doin.”

Then he says he know DC in here and ask who else is. No matter where you from represent that shit and performs Put On off The Recession album. At this point I begin to think I am too close because the bass shook my whole body. I look back considering moving and realize the place is full, literally nowhere to go without a struggle so I decide to stay and deal with it.

He then hit Get Allot off The Recession and Trap or Die off the Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 album. More songs were done here but I can’t remember them at all. Said something about the ladies in the house and how he loves coming to DC. People are still holding up phones to record and take pictures while they rap along with him even though it has been over 20 minutes.

Next song I remember is All We Do off of TM103. You could hear all the females singing at the top of their lungs while dancing. Next up was Welcome Back off The Recession followed by his verse from I Do off of TM103. Then him and every female in there performed Leave You Alone off of TM103.

This is the point where things got really crazy and I thought the show was going to be over and began to get paranoid. Jeezy starts talking about the real reason we here and how happy he is that this song is still true and drops My President. Before he even gets through the first verse, some girls start fighting. At first, he keeps rapping, only stopping to laugh a little bit because it looks like it was being broken up. But they were just taking off their shoes and then began to really go at it. In the end some random guys and security broke it up as Jeezy stopped the music. It was some ignorant shit and a bunch of people just used it to move closer to the stage as like 10 females got thrown out. There were a few more smaller arguments through the rest of the show but I didn’t see any actual punches.

After that he did a couple more songs that I don’t remember and then said he had a special guest. I would have bet anything that it was going to be 2 Chainz or Trinidad Jame$ since both of them had shows in the area and both are from Atlanta. After a few seconds, he shocked and confused everyone by bringing out 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. 50 grabs a bottle of water takes the top off and splashes the crowd then grabs another bottle, goes to the other side of the stage and does the same thing which got people mad. After angering the crowd, he then starts rapping some song featuring Jeezy that nobody seemed to know. I found out later that the song name was Major Distribution. 50 then performed I Get Money backed up by Tony Yayo. Jeezy thanked him and at this point 50 should have left the stage but didn’t.

Jeezy says now lets get back to it and performs Supafreak minus 2 Chainz verse. 50 was still on stage and trying to be a hype man but didn’t know any of the words so he spent the whole song fake rapping and turning the mic to the crowd. It was weird and after that he left the stage.

Last song he performed was RIP off of TM103 and since I don’t particularly like this song I started to walk to the back. He thanked everybody for coming out and walked off to Knob Broke.

I think BYB played a second set but I was too done and had to leave so I can’t say what happened after 3am. I enjoyed Jeezy’s performance a lot. He hit a bunch of new stuff and a few old hits, it was a good mix. I wish he would have actually performed Knob Broke and walked off to RIP but other than that I heard the songs I wanted. He had the enhancement of the screen and used it well, showing song videos and random vlog type footage. Jeezy lyrics are not really complicated so everyone seemed to know every word at least while the beat was playing. On more than a few songs he would drop the beat and just rap a capella just talking to the crowd, it was tough and made you focus more. He wasn’t running around the stage or dancing but I didn’t expect that from him so there was no let down there. He did still work the whole stage and try to reach everybody, had a lot of intensity. Show was great and I would definitely recommend going to see him just know the crowd he brings.

The best pics of the show that I have seen were on Elite DC, check them out.

Were you there? What did you think? If you were at 2 Chainz and Jeezy, who was better? Let me know in the comments section.

Show Review: 2 Chainz At The Fillmore

2 Chainz! That’s what everybody in the Fillmore in Silver Spring was yelling Saturday night. The hype was so intense for the show that it sold out and a second show was added. This forced my show time to go from 8pm to 7pm. This was both good and bad but I will get to that later.

I got to the show around 6:40pm thinking that 2 Chainz would be the only performer. The crowd was as expected very large, mixed and very excited. A little after 7 some rapper I never heard of came out and started yelling some songs I never heard before. The songs were not really catchy and nobody seemed to be paying attention. He was hype but couldn’t get the crowd behind him. I don’t think he gained any fans.

After that they announced that Shy Glizzy would be performing and a few people in the crowd looked interested. He is up and coming and his second mix tape, Law, cosign by Wale and beef has helped to build his notoriety and fan base. I will say I went in not being a fan of his music and I left the same way. His performance was dull and he seemed uninterested and bored. It almost felt like he didn’t even like the songs. He brought a hype man who just held a mic and danced, didn’t rap one word which was weird and pointless. I am not sure of the name of the songs but I think they are from his new mix tape, Fuck Rap.

Around 8 0’something 2 Chainz DJ drops Yuck, lead track on the Based On A Tru Story (B.O.A.T.S) album and a video montage began playing on a huge screen in the back of the stage. The screen would play throughout the night. The screen played some videos attached to songs, some just random vlog type footage and some typed out lyrics during a few songs. The screen was a good dimension which helped to enhance the show for me. The screen also ruined a lot of pics because it was very bright on the phone not to the naked eye though.

Next the DJ drops Mercy off of the Cruel Summer album. 2 Chainz comes running out at the start of his verse and the crowd goes crazy and begin rapping along with him. He then started talking about partying and having a good time and the beat to All Gold Everything drops and he performs his remix verse. The crowd didn’t really know what he was saying but people were still rocking because the song is so popular. From there he jumped to the T.R.U. REALigion mix tape and did Got One as the video played in the background. Stayed on the mix tape tip and dropped Turn Up minus Cap 1. Crowd was really feeling this one. Bunch of people were fake walking in somewhere to turn up.

From there he did his two songs with Nicki Minaj. First his verse on Beez In The Trap from the Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded album then did I Love Dem Strippers from the B.O.A.T.S album; both minus Nicki verse and both with the crowd reciting the whole song and joining him in dancing all around. He had the crowd going then dropped Dope Peddler off of B.O.A.T.S which didn’t seem to ring out as much but came right back with his verse from the Bandz remix and of course the crowd was right back and reciting every word. From there the DJ goes right into Crack from B.O.A.T.S and the crowd is with it but 2 Chainz leaves the stage.

I think he just needed a break but it was a weird time and song to leave the stage. The good thing was that he didn’t lose the crowd at all. People were still rocking to the song just like he was out there. Then The Morning off the Cruel summer album came on and people were wondering what was going on.

Before the song ended 2 Chainz came back out and started talking about his career and where he is now but that for the fans that been around he is going to take it back. The beat for Duffle Bag Boy drops and the crowd roars and starts reciting the hook and 2 Chainz verse. Jumps from there to Riot off both the mix tape and the deluxe version of the album.

He then starts talking about the ladies, asking who is sexy and telling them to raise their hands. He points out and describes a few outfits then makes a joke about dudes with their hands up saying they’re sexy. Crowd laughs and he hits Birthday Song with the crowd filling in for Kanye. Every chick in there thought they were in first place.

From there he stops the music and says “Y’all gotta help me. I got a problem, matter of fact I got a fuckin problem”. Beat to Fuckin Problems drops, he hits the hook and his verse. Kept it hype hype for the next song by hitting one of my favorites, his verse from Supafreak.

2 Chainz thanked everyone who bought the album and told everyone who has not to go get them a BOAT. Talked about having his own lane and being different. “Make some noise if you’re different!” Goes into I’m Different off B.O.A.T.S. Then takes it back and hits Spend It off of T.R.U. REALigion. Closes the show with No Lie and the whole crowd rapping along including doing Drake’s verse.

Thanked everyone for coming out and buying the tix so quickly and forcing them to add a 2nd show, poses for pics and takes a few of his own as KO off B.O.A.T.S played. Walked off as Like Me played. Show was over around 9:20pm and the line for the second show was already to the corner despite doors not being open for another 40 minutes.

The show was hype, people danced and rapped lyrics all night, 2 Chainz basically partied on stage and like I said earlier the screen in the back was a great effect and helped the show. I didn’t like that the show was moved up; time change messed me up after partying hard Friday (shoutout to Grits and Biscuits) and getting up early Saturday (Community Service). Overall it was good show and I would def see him again. His music is obviously made for partying and he hit every song of his I wanted to hear.

Best pics and videos I have seen of the show are on DMVs The Move, check them out.

If you were there what did you think? If you were at the second show, how did it compare? Let me know in the comments section.

Oh earlier I said it was also a good side to the show being moved up. I was able to go to a Young Jeezy concert afterwards. Next post will be a review of that show, should be done by the end of the week.

Upcoming Show: 2 Chainz At The Fillmore

Hey everybody, hope you all are enjoying the blog so far. The next show featured will be 2 Chainz at The Fillmore in Silver Spring on Saturday, January 19th. I missed his show late last year at the 930 club but I heard he killed it so I’m excited about this one. I’m not a big 2 Chainz fan but I enjoy listening to his music and his features are always on point. I liked a few songs off his T.R.U REALigion mix tape but his features are what got me to buy his album. His album, Based on a T.R.U Story (B.O.A.T.S) is up for a Best Rap Album Grammy and his feature on Mercy is up for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance Grammies. I think the show is going to have a good crowd, he killed HU homecoming this past year and he was on some of the top songs of the past year. Also, he makes good strip club songs so females looking to shake something will be in abundance. The interesting part of the show will be how much of each song he actually performs and if he or the dj will do the other artist’s part. Three of his singles; No Lie, Birthday Song and I Luv Dem Strippers have features by big artist and people will want to hear their parts. I’m expecting at least an hour set so he will def reach back to the mix tape and do a lot of the hit songs he is featured on like Mercy, F*ckin’ Problems, Beez In the Trap, SupaFreak, My Moment and the list goes on for a while. With hits like that I’m sure the show will be hype. Add in the fact that 2 Chainz is a pretty animated performer from what I have seen. I bought my tix directly off the Fillmore Silver Spring site but unfortunately the show is now sold out so I hope you already got your tix. Like the Wale show I will be somewhere upstairs. Say what’s up if you see me.

Have you been to a 2 Chainz show? How was it? Are you going to this show? What are you expecting? Let me know in the comments section.

Show Review: Wale At The Fillmore

Hey everybody, happy new year! Hope everyone is off to a good start. I started my year on a great note by attending the Wale show last night. I missed all of the opening acts except for 2 songs by Black Cobain and the crowd seemed to feeling him. The Fillmore was packed to the brim, fans were so excited the line started to form almost a hour before the doors opened.

Wale opened the set really hype, feeding off the crowd and performing one of the stand out songs off the Folarin mix tape, Get Me Doe, minus 2 Chainz verse. Even though the song was new the crowd knew the words and assisted on the hook. Then Wale talked about how he wanted to be one of the greatest to ever do it, fuck the fame and money and went right into Legendary off the Ambition album. Next up Wale felt like bragging so after claiming ” I usually don’t do this but fuck it” he gets dj to drop the Hail to the Redskins instrumental and puts on a iced out Redskins medallion as the crowd cheers. Then performs Chain Music off the Ambition album, perfect set up and timing.

Wale then tested the crowd to see if they downloaded Folarin mix tape and repeated the first line to Chun Li (real rap peeled back in matte black) about three or four times before doing the song minus Nipsey Hussle verse. Transitioned from that by bringing out Black Cobain to help perform Slight Work off of the Ambition album. They danced all over the stage, really partying to this one and the crowd followed suit.

Next Wale seemed to be on a random tangent asking about pets and then saying he had a cat but it was blind and with the assist of Black Cobain performed The One Eyed Kitten Song off of the Folarin mix tape. It was a dope drop and although the crowd didn’t sing along they were def rocking to it. Wale followed this up with his verse from the Rack City remix.

After getting the crowd hype and dancing Wale transitioned into songs with slower hooks but didn’t lose the crowd at all. It started with Tre of UCB singing the hook to Play Your Part off MMG Presents: Self Made, Volume 1 a capella. This captivated this crowd then right as you think Wale is about to rap his verse the band begins to play the beat for Bad off of the Folarin mix tape and Wale says he doesn’t believe there is someone for everyone or maybe he just ain’t found the right one yet (followed by females screaming that they’re the one). Wale held it down but Tiara Thomas showed out, singing flawlessly while playing the guitar. The whole crowd cheered for her when she was done. This was followed by Wale talking about the thirst and then performing H20 off of the Folarin mix tape. Then Tre comes back into the mix as he and Wale perform Sabotage off of the Ambition album. Crowd was loving in and having the actually band there as Wale yells “got damn drummer” at the end was so necessary. Next up Wale did his verse on Bag of Money then took it back to the More About Nothing mix tape and performed the Break Up song. Wale then does his Diced Pineapples poem and verse off of Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t album. Next song was Lotus Flower Bomb with Tre playing the role of Miguel and doing it very well.

This is where the show got a little weird and I think confused people. Wale talks about being up for a grammy and being top 5 and repeatedly yells that he has hits, then just walks off the stage. The dj the proceeds to drop about 20 seconds of Chillin, 90210, Nike Boots, Pretty Girls (the crowd sings along to all of these as the tracks play) then Tre mentions that he is also up for a grammy because he cowrote Lotus Flower Bomb and sings a little of Sexy Lady followed by the dj bringing Nike Boots back on then everything stops.

Next thing you know Georgetown Press off of the Folarin mix tape is playing and Light Show is doing his verse followed by a freestyle (may have been a song of his, I haven’t heard his music) that had the whole crowd cheering, def picked up some fans.

Wale returns, performs his Ambition verse off of the Ambition album followed up by his Actin Up verse from the MMG Presents: Self Made Volume 2 album. Then Black Cobain comes out and they do Back to Ballin and Flat Out, both off of the Folarin mix tape. Show closes with No Hands and Bait.

The whole show was about an hour and ten minutes and I really enjoyed it. I think Wale should have performed one or two of the old hits instead of just having the dj play small parts of the tracks and he def should have done his Georgetown Press verses. The transitions and set up for the songs were on point. He was really interactive with the crowd and all over the stage. Performing with the band changes the flow on some songs but Wale has perfected it and even when they drop the beat he could still go on or have the crowd fill in. All the other artist who came out enhanced the show, and actually made you want to hear more of them.

For the best pics of the show go to Everyday Lavan’s blog

If you were there, what did you think? Is this post too long? Any questions or comments about the post leave them below. 2 Chainz at the Fillmore preview coming up next.