Thanks For The Feedback

Yes, I know today is not the 25th, call me an overachiever. Before I begin blogging I think a few things about the site and my post should be pointed out to keep things in context and to respond to the questions and comments I have been getting.

Why only rap/hip hop concerts?
I will go to various shows, the majority, not all, will be rap/hip-hop because that is the music that I like and I am buying the tix. Also, it makes more sense to compare similar acts.

Why doesn’t the blog have its own twitter/IG?
Once people are following the blog I will add that stuff, it’s not easy to maintain multiple accounts on social networks.

How do you find out about shows?
Google duh. Also, twitter, blogs, live nation, ticketmaster and eventbrite emails. If you find out about some before me, let me know.

What makes a good concert?
I put the categories I will be rating so if the artist does well in those categories it is a good show to me. An easier question to answer is what makes a concert bad and for that I have a long list for but will just name some of the top things that I dislike. Too many unnecessary people on stage, background track and performer not in sync, no change in song to include audience, bad sound, artist with weak or no stage presence and also an overlooked thing is song choice; people go to concerts to hear the random tracks on the album they like not just the singles or songs with videos and some artist leave those gems off the set list.

Layout is kind of blank.
I know I am working on it, options are limited until I pay more, should change as the post count goes up.

Thanks for all the feedback, I will try to continually improve the site and I will always be taking questions and suggestions.

Look out for tomorrow’s post.


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